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Porto weather at Foz lighthouse

What’s the weather like in Porto?

One of the first things Porto inhabitants do each morning when they wake up is to look through the window and check the weather. If it’s a normal day of work, it probably doesn’t matter that much but, if you are travelling and on vacations, this detail may be a lot more important.

In Portugal, the normal four seasons of the northern hemisphere are usually regular and there’s a common sense guide for each one of them. Whatever the chosen period for your visit we recommend you to take a look at the Porto weather forecast and be prepared for what it brings. Rain or sunshine? Low or high temperatures? Windy or not?

Spring (21Mar to 21Jun) and Summer (21June to 23Set)

If you like to enjoy to sun and even get a little tan on the beaches, to ride a bicycle downtown, to travel on foot and discover the trails without a public transport, this time of the year will be the best. From April to September the weather and temperatures are very good for this kind of activities.

July and August are the hottest months. But, don’t worry, the average temperature is around 25ºC and some water on your bag and fresh fabrics will do the trick.

Gardens, beaches and riverside are hotspots for this period! Enjoy the beautiful Foz sidewalk, the stunning esplanades by the river at Ribeira with a great view to Gaia and the Wine Cellars, the various coffee shops throughout the city with amazing patios on the backside, or even the green trails of the City Park or the gardens of Serralves and Palácio de Cristal. Porto is quite rich in amazing places to spend some leisure time.

At night, you can safely go out for a walk or a beer as you’ll find streets full of people and an eventful nightlife, especially in the summer. In each corner there’s a pleasant coffee with comfy chairs and outdoor events with notes to balance your night with some rhythm.

Matosihos Beach, Porto
On sunny days, enjoy a walk down the beach or even go for a surf lesson!


During this season you can enjoy some great festivities. Because of the weather, spring and summer are kings in this subject. Starting in May, Primavera Sound is a music festival in the best spot of the city. If you are lucky enough to celebrate among students, Queima das Fitas is another celebration that lasts one week and is in honor to the students. Dedicated to them, you can find a place with concerts and many tents selling drinks and food. It’s a crazy period but it’s pretty lively. Serralves em Festa is another celebration of culture in this city garden. The most amazing Porto party is in the end of June (23 and 24 of June) and it’s called São João. Everyone is on the streets and there’s a party in each and every corner to celebrate the tradition and the born of Saint John. Between culture, student’s parties and music, Circuito da Boavista is a car race competition held in a city circuit that is worth to see.

Autumn (21Sep to 21Dec) and Winter (21Dec to 21Mar)

Rain is always a restrain when we’re planning a trip. From October to March/April, it is very likely that you have to travel with an umbrella. But this detail should not prevent you from visiting Porto. There are a few secrets to reveal about Porto’s winter.

During the autumn, the colors of the city are absolutely stunning. During the day you won’t need a lot of clothes (September and October) but at night the temperatures fall some degrees. Anyway, these are the most unstable months with some beautiful days contrasting with others not so smiling.

The winter is more predictable and from the end of October to late February the city is tainted in grey scale. And that is another thing for you to write down: the aura that invades Porto is kind of magical and the buildings façades draw an amazing skyline.

Autumn in Porto
During the Autumn, you will find the trees and leaves in technicolor mode :)


During these months, the best places to hang out are indoors. You’ll feel the need of finding warm places to grab a cup of hot coffee or tea and, believe me, Porto is a king in this matter with multiple and absolutely amazing shelters to discover.

Eating, drinking and appreciate museums, galleries or the wine cellars are some of the activities that you must do. Although, when the sun shines in winter days the city becomes even more amazing. The nude branches of trees rip the sky with amazing lines and some smalls streets are invaded with tones of light.

Bring an umbrella, a raincoat or jacket and stable footwear. If you’re lucky you will only need the last one! During this period the festivities are not that much but in Serralves you can also enjoy celebrations to culture, music and art.

Howsoever, be prepared for what the seasons demand but enjoy each detail of the city under some rain or a bright sun!

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