Confeitaria Arcádia

Chocolates Porto Arcadia

Porto’s chocolate lovers Paradise is in: Confeitaria Arcádia. Located just in the heart of the city, this traditional confectionery is one of the most acknowledged commercial spots of Porto.

This real chocolate craft factory exists since 1933, still maintaining the old recipes and the traditional proceedings. With its original flavors and shapes in forms of roses, hearts and pearls, the chocolates are much appreciated. It is all about quality! Not only of the natural and accurately selected products, but also because of the skill of the experimented artisans that execute the recipes.

Chocolates Porto Arcadia
A sample of products from Arcádia


In rustic shelves, dominated by dark wood tones, you can find all sorts of bonbons – with coffee, caramel, lemon, peppermint, lavender, roses and tangerine flavors. There are also the famous chocolate cat tongues and macaroons with the taste of Porto Wine.

Confeitaria Arcádia has managed to keep the tradition, but doesn’t hide on it. The Bastos Family, who owns the confectionery since always, has been capable of innovating and updating its range of products in the gourmet area. Lately, they have launched the Porto Calém bonbons, combining the best of Porto Wine and the best of chocolate in a unique tasteful delicacy.

They released also the Balvanie milk chocolate, uniting their craft with the single malt whiskey. And you may still find the awesome combination between milk chocolate and the fragrant of the 10 year old Adega Velha brandy.

Chocolates Porto Arcadia
Chocolates handmade with care :)


The Bonjour Liquor Dragees are another specialty at Arcádia. These liquor almonds require hard lengthy work to be prepared, before they can be painted and decorated. And then, it is not a service for anyone. The embroidery work, as it is referred by the confectionery professionals, demands delicate hands and years of expertise. The results are genuine works of art with dragées in the form of babies, carrots, peas, piglets and more.

Being a reference in the manufacturing of chocolate and almonds, this confectionery must be continuously improving, presenting regularly new amazing sweets. Is therefore a place that you must visit when being in Porto city.

They actually have franchised some stores and you can find them a bit all over Porto and other Portuguese cities. Check Confeitaria Arcadia website for store locations.

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