Xícara Tea House

Tea House Porto Xícara

Xícara is probably the oldest tea house in Porto. It’s not the trendiest or the cosiest but still if you’re from Porto and want a cup of tea and scones, Xícara is one of the first places that comes to your mind because it’s always been there.

You’ll notice a certain homely aura. There are customers that have been going there for tea and scones for ages and now they’re taking their children and grandchildren.

This tea house is located in one of my favorite streets in Foz. If you drive or walk down the road, take a good look at the houses. They’re charming, beautiful and somehow take you back in time, to a time where all houses where well cared for and life was less stressful!

There are more charming places to have a cup of tea with scones, as Chá Clube Tea House or Rota do Chá, but take a chance. I go there with my girl friends every couple of months. To Xícara, I mean.

When we were teenagers and speaking English was kind of THE thing, we started learning about the English culture and traditions and we went there to try the oh so famous 5 o’clock tea and fresh out of the oven scones. And oh boy did we feel like adults! Probably it was the tea and scones and the fact that we were all expecting Mr Darcy (or should I say Mr Collin Firth) to storm through the door and take us on a romantic walk by the seaside at sunset!

Xícara means tea and scones. Try them! But, if you’re in Foz and want to grab a nice meal and not spend too much money, this might be a good place to have lunch too. Their menu includes soup, fish or meat dish, salads and omelets.

Tea House Porto Xícara
Pergola on Foz promenade. Tea, scones and a walk by the sea.


At Foz you can take a walk on Porto’s most famous promenade and (if you walk to, go wild! That’s entirely up to you!). Take a look at the Pergola and let yourself go with romantic thoughts or just grab your partners hand and enjoy the view! (Yes, I am a hopeless romantic!)

If you’re facing the ocean, Porto’s city center will be to your left and Matosinhos will be to your right. If you’re in the mood for a nice walk, either way is amazing. If you’re in the mood for some fish, Matosinhos is the way to go. Porto’s city center is at the distance of a bus ride.

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