Chá Clube Tea House

Restaurant Porto Cha Clube

This is my favorite place for a tea and scones in all Porto and undoubtedly the most stylish venue to have it. The decoration makes you think you are having tea… with Jane Austen! Indeed, this is such a British tea club!

The red velvet chairs, the Spode china, the linen towels and the silver teapots really add to it. No doubt, the atmosphere is intimate and as the tea flavor approaches the palate the texture of the scones, direct from the oven, stands out in your mouth. Along with the Scones, the “Turkish chocolate cake” is an institution here… and it is to die for. If you are not much into tea, you can order a fruit juice or a milk shake. Although its character emerges as a tea house, Chá Clube also serves meals, which makes this cozy refined space perfect for a business lunch or a romantic dinner.

Restaurant Porto Cha Clube
Delicious tea and scones


The price is very appealing taking into account the amazing space and the great food presented: 11€/person for a menu that includes an appetizer, entrée, dessert, a drink and a coffee. The dishes are usually composed of traditional food, not too elaborate but always of good quality and with attention to detail.

Chá Clube was established in Aviz area (close to Boavista avenue and Parque da Cidade) 20 years ago and regular costumers know why they still come here: a tea with scones is the perfect smoothing moment for a stressful day! Another great thing is that this Tea club remains so authentic after so many years: out of the beaten touristic path, the place is filled with locals.

Restaurant Porto Cha Clube
Charming atmosphere


If you get to know Filipa and Andreia, the kind owners, you will understand the concept behind the club: refinement, quality and intimate atmosphere. Because there is an inner you somewhere in the need for a “bourgeois” break: go to Chá Clube, highly recommended while in Porto.

As you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss the chance of walking through Parque da Cidade and down towards the seaside or taking the bus to Serralves Museum. Buses go up and down the Boavista avenue, taking you towards the sea or the city center. Depending on what you’re into, if you go up, you can visit Casa da Música. If you go down, you can enjoy the seaside.

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