Tasca da Badalhoca

Taberna A Badalhoca, Porto

Tasca da Badalhoca is one of the oldest taverns in Porto. It’s been open for 120 years. It’s located close to one of the fanciest neighborhoods in the city: Serralves. This small and cosy place is famous for its dry smoked ham sandwiches. When there, ask for a “sands de presunto”. You won’t regret it.

Along with the smoked ham sandwich, there are other delicacies you should try. Egg sandwich – these are nothing to compare with egg sandwiches you find anywhere else! -, roatest pork meat sandwich, the traditional ham and cheese sandwich. To go with it, there are beer jugs and Espadal wine glasses.

The secret of these delicious sandwiches lies on the meat but also on the bread that comes directly from the bakery across the street. The Tasca da Badalhoca is a family business and D.Lurdes is in charge of it. Her husband helps by slicing the ham and their son does whatever is needed at the restaurant.

Now, let me tell you that you can have a smoked ham sandwich for just €1.4. Yes, it’s cheap. It’s delicious. And it’s oh so fun to go there. As it happens in other taverns, you’ll find it a melting pot! No matter how rich or poor you are, how educated or uneducated, if you’re a professor or a construction worker, a student, an artist or a fisherman…they will treat you the same and serve you really tasty sandwiches!

Tasca da Badalhoca is located close to Serralves Museum. If you’re into walking, you can walk down Avenida da Boavista (the longest street in Porto) and find yourself by the sea. Along Avenida da Boavista, you can also find Porto’s City Park.

Don’t forget they close at 8 pm so don’t make any plans for a late snack! And there are no sandwiches on saturday afternoons or sundays. D.Lurdes, her husband and son need a break!

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