Taberna do Cais das Pedras

Taberna Cais das Pedras, Porto

Taberna do Cais das Pedras is located not far from Porto’s old costums house (Alfândega). It’s the right place for a relaxed and delicious dinner. For two or ten. This tavern is always full so you better make a reservation. This is a place to enjoy good food and sweet sangria!

At Taberna you’ll find traditional Portuguese food served in small delicious portions. There’s so much to try that you shouldn’t be making any plans before 1 am. So, to star, try the “chouriço” that you have to roast yourself! Yes, you not only eat as you have you to take care of that entré. The rest is up to the cook! Among the entrés you’ll find feta cheese with olives. The cheese is Greek. But the olives are Portuguese. Enjoy the “alheira”, the bread, the goat cheese and get ready for the heavy stuff. Small pots of “moelas” (chicken kidneys and livers cooked in a spicy sauce), some small codfish fritters with red beans rice and “rojões” (pork meat) – a traditional dish from Porto.

Taberna Cais das Pedras, Porto
Cosy space and traditional decoration.


Now, are you ready for dessert?! There’s this delicate lemon pie that will make you go back: cookie base with lemon custard and lemon zest. There’s a crunchy apple cake and the traditional “pudim” (a kind of flan). My favorite is definitely the lemon pie. It’s really good!

This small restaurante is owned by “Dona” Isabel, who owned another tavern not far from this one and then moved to this new location. There is no menu. As you arrive at the restaurant, they’ll let you know what’s on the menu for the day and start bringing the food to the table.

Taberna Cais das Pedras, Porto
Traditional Portuguese recipes.


Although it is a small unpretentious restaurant, the price is not that humble. Having dinner here costs around €18 per person. If your driving there, you’ll have to try and park along the tram line carefully enough not to block the rails.

Taberna do Cais das Pedras is located almost next door to the Port Wine Museum. It’s also in a walking distance from the Tram Museum and the Alfândega building. And you won’t be far from Palácio de Cristal, though you have to walk up Restauração street (15 to 20 minutes walk). Half way through that street you’ll find a white abandoned-like modern building. Walk to the terrace and enjoy one of Porto’s great views.

If you’re a fan of pizza, a bit further along the road you’ll find Casa d’Oro.

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