66 Avenida Brasil

Concept Store Porto 66AB

As the name indicates, this concept store is located at number 66 of Avenida Brasil, a major seaside avenue, which makes this a perfect spot for a Sunday brunch to recharge batteries for some seaside jogging or for a romantic dinner followed by a relaxed walk by the sea on warm Summer nights. The location is not the only strength of 66 Avenida Brasil; the interior decoration is of great taste, conjugating simplicity of wood and acrylic and taking advantage of sun light.

In fact, it is a concept store where three vectors meet: tasting, fashion and leisure. What catches the eye is the harmony of spaces that is created by the restaurant, coffee lounge, the haute couture and top brand perfumes store and the gourmet space. These areas conjugate to create a very modern and cosmopolite atmosphere. The choice of music is always of great taste: if you love to relax and listen to jazz this is the place!

Indulge yourself an English 5 o’clock tea and make your day a lot sweeter! I love ordering the “tea and scones menu”, for 6€/person, which actually, besides a scented tea and 2 scones, also includes a slice of homemade cake – choose the apple pie or the chocolate cake.

Concept Store Porto 66AB
Modern and cosy decoration.


And then…there’s the food. It is interesting that you’ll find some fine cuisine dishes – greatly influenced by French cuisine (for instance, duck’s magret) – in 66 Avenida Brasil’s menu and at fair prices.

If you choose to have dinner here, go along the avenue afterwards and have a drink in one of the cozy lively bars located at Brasil Avenue, like Bonaparte Pub. If it is day and sunny, cross the road and you can walk on Foz promenade and the Pergola or you can also walk on the sand and even try a little of Atlantic ocean on your feet!

I definitely recommend this one: to sum up, because of its gorgeous location and also because this one of those places where you can feel the new vibration of modern Porto.

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