Souvenir shop Portucraft

Souvenir Shop Porto Portucraft

If you´re looking for a taste of the traditional Portuguese flavors, you must definitely go to Portucraft. In this store you will find regional products and craftwork of all kind and from different regions of the country.

Selling only made in Portugal products, Portucraft ambience breathes that national passion and its main audience is the tourists that visit the city. Here, you will surely find that special souvenir to take home. This is also a good spot to get to know the best of Portugal in terms of food and handicraft.

In the grocery area there are, of course, the Porto Wines, the handmade liquors, the Madeira wines, the famous “Ginja” with chocolate, marmalades, jams and jellies, flavored vinegars and olive oils, teas, almonds, chocolates and handmade canners (sardine, tuna, etc).

Souvenir Shop Porto Portucraft
Home made jam by Casa de Encosturas


In the field of craftwork, you will find woodworks and leather articles like wallets, purses, bags for mobile phones, bracelets and necklaces. There are still pottery items, rag articles (dolls, bags and Christmas cribs) and wickerwork (baskets, hats and junk bags).

And wait to see the cork craftwork in the form of umbrellas, bags, wallets, purses, pen holders and much more. Cork is an important element in the Portuguese balance of trading exports and, besides its traditional use like bottle tops, it is lately being used in a different and innovative perspective that is conquering the world.

Souvenir Shop Porto Portucraft
Colored toilet paper by Renova


Portucraft also sells jewels and 100% wool sheep coats. You might also find in this peculiar store donkey milk soaps, recycled bottles and artistic paintings.

The store is installed at “Bairro das Artes Circuit”, a project that intends to print an artistic dynamic in the area. And so its owners take this philosophy willfully. Besides the product trade, they promote degustation sessions, publicizing the national producers. And there are usually events to reveal new artisans and promising artists.

The store opens Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 7pm. On Saturdays, it’s open from 10:30am to 7pm.

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