Confeitaria Tavi

Confeitaria Tavi, Porto

Tavi is located on the seafront of Porto, in Foz. It’s best feature, apart from the delicious pastries, is their back room. Why?! Go in, walk past the counters – not without taking a good look at the pastries – and go straight to the room in the back. You’ll find a very comfortable space with some sofas, nice chairs and an amazing view of the sea. Find a table and just enjoy.

At Tavi you can grab a quick bite or enjoy a long lunch. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book or newspaper or organize a brunch with your friends. The thing is, you’re going find it hard to choose what to eat. And when. The quality of the products makes your choice difficult but the view does too. I’m a fan of sunset so my choice is made. But that spot is so special that you’ll probably go there at different times of the day and like it so much that you’re going to consider spending the day there! (I’ve done it! Twice!)

Confeitaria Tavi, Porto
View from the esplanade.


When it comes to choosing what to eat, you’ll be facing another challenge. Everything looks delicious. Everything seems to shout out to you “eat me! Eat me!”. I must confess that my favorites at Tavi are the croissants and the key lime pie. What can I say, I’m addicted to simple delicious flavors.

Whatever it is you choose, whatever the time of day you have it, just enjoy it. And do enjoy the view. It’s one of my favorite spots in Porto for a cup of tea in the winter and a cold drink in the summer.

Confeitaria Tavi, Porto
Key lime pie. DE-LI-CIOUS!


Across the street from Tavi, on the seaside, you can enjoy one of the most famous walks in Porto. That avenue, taking you to Castelo do Queijo and Matosinhos, is one of the most well known places in Porto. Because it’s on the seaside. Because you can enjoy the Atlantic. You’ll be in a (long) walking distance from some surf schools, at Edifício Transparente – where you can grab a “francesinha” at Cufra Grill, Parque da Cidade and from Matosinhos’ fish market and fish restaurants district. But you’ll be a couple of minutes away from Bonaparte Pub!

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