Pergola da Foz

Foz Pergola, Porto

The Pergola is one of the iconic images of Porto. Everybody in town knows where it is and most couples have at least one photo take at one of the most romantic spots in town. The Pergola is located on the Foz promenade. A large sidewalk by the sea where you can take long contemplative walks, power walks, jog, ride your bicycle, walk holding hands and promising eternal love to your better half.

The Pergola is a structure in neoclassical style, painted in golden yellow. If you look carefully, on different times of the day, the color seams to change, as the sun goes up or down. I must confess that I’ve watched the most beautiful sunsets from the Pergola! And I did have that feeling. And it only happened to me once, at the Parthenon, in Athens. (I’m far from trying to compare the two!)

Rumor has it that this Pergola was built after the mayors wife (in 1930) went to Nice (France) and took a walk down the “Promenade des Anglais”. She enjoyed it so much and liked the strutter so much that she sketched it and asked her husband to built one in Porto. Truth or just another romantic rumor? Either way, the Pergola is there. It’s beautiful, romantic and it’s a great spot to contemplate the Atlantic.

Romantic Promenade Porto Pergola
Walk on the promenade at any time. It’s beautiful!


In Foz, enjoy the promenade, the beach and the great esplanades. Praia dos Ingleses is a nice spot and has great views. Praia da Luz is another nice beach and also a nice esplanade where to grab a bite and watch the sunset. If you want to grab something to eat and don’t know exactly what it is you want, Tavi might be a good choise.

Romantic Promenade Porto Pergola
Watch the sunset from the Pergola. It’s breathtaking.


Don’t miss the sunset from the Pergola. Just sit on the wall and enjoy. Porto is just that romantic and unforgettable! Take my word for it!

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