Cervejaria Cufra

Francesinha Restaurant Porto Cufra

Traditional francesinha in Porto

This is my favorite restaurant in Porto! Of course there are other restaurants that can be better choices for other occasions, but Cervejaria Cufra is, in my humble opinion and generally speaking, the best.

Let me give my reasons: the atmosphere is cozy, filled with locals, most of them regular customers and the bordeaux couches bring a somewhat bourgeois feeling remembering the eighties. The staff has been pretty much the same for years, they are professional, they know what they are doing and they are efficient – the food turnover is insane! And finally, the food!

Francesinha at Cufra, Porto
Cufra’s delicious francesinha. Some say the best in town!


You can come on a weekly basis and you won’t get tired of it, because Cufra has something for every taste. I usually start with a shellfish cream… a feast in your mouth! Come with friends to enjoy the Francesinha – the size is not as big as in other places but the sauce and the fries are the best in town.

You can have a business meeting here and order a generous portion of delicious traditional food, like the veal, the codfish or the octopus. Or you can come for an eating out with your fiancé/fiancée and celebrate some special occasion with shellfish – the stuffed crab takes you to heaven for a while – and at the end share an ice-cream taken from the machine.

The price is fair and the location is just great – close to Serralves Gardens and Museum. At lunch, you can also go to the their other restaurant, Cufra Grill, at Edifício Transparente, where you can enjoy the gorgeous views of the sea and beach.

Francesinha Restaurant Porto Cufra
Sea view at Cufra Grill’s, their second restaurant at Edifício Transparente.


There is one more reason why I go so often to Cufra: I love eating late and Cufra closes at 2am. Imagine the pleasure of eating shellfish and having a hot traditional meal at such hours. Have you ever had a francesinha so late at night?

If you’re around during the day, take some time to visit the Serralves or, further up the Boavista avenue, Casa da Música. If you had a heavy meal and are in the mood for a walk, walk down towards the sea and through Parque da Cidade (City Park). If it’s past 10pm, take a bus or a taxi and go to Bonaparte or to the city center, towards the Entertainment District. You’ll find plenty of places where you can have a drink and enjoy you’re night out.

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