Praia dos Ingleses

Praia dos Ingleses, Porto

Praia dos Ingleses is a cafe located in Foz, Porto’s seafront and it has a privileged location: it’s right on the beach and really close to Douro river’s mouth. If you’re sitting on the terrace, you can enjoy one of my favorite views in the city: the pier built right on the mouth of the river and where there’s a small lighthouse. It’s amazing to sit on the terrace and see the waves splash against the thick walls of the pier.

Here you can enjoy light meals or order a snack. Enjoy a cup of tea in the sun on cold days or have a cold beer in the summer. I must confess I don’t go there because of the food or drinks. But I can’t deny it’s a nice place to go, all year round, with friends or alone, if you want to chat or just read a book or the newspaper.

During summer, as you can imagine, it’s harder to find a table on the terrace. Porto’s seafront will be the most desired place in the city! I usually go there around sunset time or at night, for a drink with my friends. Until 2 am there’s a DJ playing music and it’s really good to enjoy the summer nights and the smell of the ocean outside.

Praia dos Ingleses is located on the seafront and you’re in walking distance from Saint John’s Fort, the pier, “Cantareira” (one of the most typical areas of Porto’s seafront where you can still find local fishermen working on their boats and nets).

You’re also in the beach area so if the weather is nice, enjoy the sun at the beach. Be aware: in front of you is the Atlantic Ocean. It’s freezing. Nevertheless, don’t waste the opportunity to take a swim (weather permitting) in the ocean. I guarantee it’s totally different from swimming in the Aegean or the Mediterranean, for example. There’s no way you’re going to find warm water in Porto’s beaches. So, take a deep breath. And run. Run to the water and just go in. And when you stop feeling your brain, that should be about time to get out!

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