Luso Caffè

Luso Caffe. Porto

Luso Caffè is located in Carlos Alberto square, downtown Porto. This was one of the most emblematic cafes in the city, along with Majestic and Guarany. The cafe was closed for 10 years and reopened in 2010, year of it’s 75th birthday after the whole quartier was renovated.

As the Majestic and Guarany, Luso was a place of debate, discussion and social gathering. Luso opened its doors in 1935 and had a part in some relevant historical events. In the 50s it was the headquarters for Humberto Delgado’s presidential campaign. From the balcony above the cafe, the general proclaimed his famous words “My heart will stay in Porto!”. In 1980, Mário Dorminsky and some friends conceived Porto’s most famous film festival: Fantasporto.

Luso Caffe, Porto
A good place for friends meetings, a cup of tea or a “francesinha” dinner.


The decoration may have changed and the intellectual clientele may have spread around the city in different cafes but there are some things that haven’t changed: the “pregos” (small bread with thin tender steak) and the small portions of lupin beans (really popular in Portugal – and mostly Porto – and almost unknown to the rest of the world!) that go with the perfect draft beer!

Luso Caffè has an esplanade facing the square which is open everyday of the year – unless it’s raining cats and dogs! This is a great place to grab a bite (they have really nice lunch menus) or just seat outside, enjoying a cup of coffee or, my favorite, a crepe with whipped cream and hot chocolate! Seriously, the crepes are really nice and are made on demand, meaning they don’t have them sitting in the fridge and heat them up!

Luso Caffe, Porto
Luso Caffe’s famous “francesinha”.


The cafe is in a walking distance from Clérigos tower, Lello & Irmão bookstore and the Portuguese Center of Photography. A few steps away you’ll find Carmo and Carmelita’s churches. Around the square you’ll also find Moustache Coffee House and Café Progresso just around the corner.

Luso Caffè is open from 7 am to 2 am everyday.

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