Gelataria Sincelo

Gelataria Sincelo, Porto

Gelataria Sincelo has been open since 1980 in downtown Porto. Everybody in town knows it’s name and has heard of the delicious ice creams they have in that parlor. Though the decoration has nothing in common with the american ice cream parlors you see in the movies, take my word for it: the ice cream is to die for. Known for it’s ice creams, pancakes and crepes, Sincelo is a place where all generations meet.

The decoration is the same since the day it opened it’s doors so you’ll probably feel you’re going back in time as you walk through the door. No, it’s not mandatory that you dress accordingly! You just need to make up your mind about how many ice cream flavors you want to try. The best sellers are the coconut with chocolate chips, cinnamon and the house flavor, Sincelo, that tastes of chocolate.

Gelataria Sincelo, Porto
Classical lemon ice cream.


I remember going there as a child and looking at all the flavors available (probably around 20 by then and around 60 by now!) and asking my mum if I could have one scoop of each! Whatever ice cream cup you choose, the flavors are up to you. And believe me it’s gonna be hard to choose. My favorites are passion fruit and cinnamon. Though Port wine ice cream is quite good too (and given you’re in Porto this should be the place to try such a delicate flavor!).

The name Sincelo is not Italian, as many may think. It means icicle. As simple as that!

Gelataria Sincelo, Porto
Crepes are another delicious option.


Sincelo is located in downtown Porto, in a walking distance from Aliados avenue, São Bento train station, the Clérigos Tower and Cordoaria gardens. Around the parlor you can find lots of bookshops (especially second hand bookstores). This is Porto’s bookshop area. Close by you’ll find Café Guarany, Lello & Irmão bookshop and Moustache Coffee House.

They’re usually open from 12:30 pm to 12 am.

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