Porto com Arte

Porto Com Arte - Wine House Gallery

100% Portuguese and 101% recommended: there’s a store that tourist guides may not mention but it is obviously a must-see if you’re coming to town. Porto com Arte (Porto with Art) lives up to its name and it is not only a tribute to the city but also to the national production. This three floors store is a journey through the most typical products from the XX century to nowadays and a showroom for new talents, arisen from every corner in the city: architects and designers.

Right in the heart of the city, there is this heritage that you should learn about. Coming from Torre dos Clérigos or Avenida dos Aliados, Porto com Arte is the final stop of your journey. Or just the beginning. In the right lateral side of Palácio das Cardosas, the store invites you to taste the culture, to be immersed by a hoomely environment and to dive into the old memories of the country. The seeds of our history are there and you’re the main guest.

Porto Com Arte - Wine House Gallery
Enjoy a glass of wine and a chat with your friends.


At the entry, shelves covered by cork or traditional handmade soaps are some of the products on sale. Besides, there are also typical chocolates, unique creations or cans with national products. The wine was not yet mentioned but is a primordial element, invited also to the second floor, where you get the chance to taste some flavors. Here, you’re able to taste Porto and to toast to the city, with a pleasant view to Clérigos. If you have doubts and want to try some kinds of wine there is also that possibility, with “menus” from 4 to 12€.

Porto Com Arte - Wine House Gallery
The art gallery.


At the third floor, a showroom with monthly exhibitions and a design gallery make the honors of national talent and creativity. If you’re in town on a Saturday there are no excuses for not stopping by: workshops and gatherings are the invitation card to Porto com Arte.

With gifts, wine and design the equation for an amazing experience is complete. The environment is always praised for being cozy and delightful. During the week, this is the only shop open until 12 p.m. if you’re up to a midnight walk. On Fridays and Saturdays there’s an extended opening hours, adding more 120 minutes to your night and your wine tasting. A toast to this!

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