Café Progresso

Café Progresso, Porto

Café Progresso opened in 1899 in downtown Porto, around the corner from Carlos Alberto Square. Here, you’ll find the true spirit of the city: it doesn’t matter where they come from and how big their bank account is. Everybody has a place and a smile! And, as a bonus, Café Progresso still serves drip coffee! Oh yes, I’m talking about that amazingly delicious black beverage the smells wonderfully when the water starts boiling and you pour it on the coffee powder and let it drip in the mug… Hmmmm… Don’t you just LOVE that smell?!

Café Progresso, Porto
Nothing beats the drip coffee at Café Progresso.


Apart from the drip coffee, rumor has it that they have the best toasts in Porto! Yes, it is possible to go wrong with a toaster and a bread. These guys, the can do it. They rock the toaster and the bread! So, can you see yourself having a cup of freshly made drip coffee and a toast with butter or jam? Great! Meet you at Café Progresso then!

Here, brunch is served everyday. But they don’t call it brunch. Why? Too fancy a word. Everybody knows the word breakfast, so, they stick with it. They have three different menus. You just have to decide if you want something more frugal or something more substantial. From there on, just seat back, pick up the newspaper or a book and enjoy your brunch. The best part of it is that it won’t’ cost more than 6€ to have the most complete menu. I don’t think you’ll find as nice a brunch in Porto for such a price!

Café Progresso, Porto
Brunch at Café Progresso is quite delicious.


After the renovation the space is now a modern, cosmopolitan cafe where different people love to meet. One of the features that makes Progresso different are the cultural events: meetings with writers, live jazz music, debates and poetry readings.

Café Progresso is located a few steps from Carlos Alberto square and in walking distance from Clérigos tower, Cordoaria gardens and Carmo and Carmelitas churches. If you walk around the neighborhood you’ll find plenty second hand bookstores, like Paraíso do Livro and a delightful knitting store, Ovelha Negra.

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