Porto Blues Fest 2017

Porto Blues Fest 2017
© Pedro Ferreira [Getty Images/PPA]
You don’t have to be a fan of blues. It’s more than enough if you’re a fan of good music, open air events and the company of your friends and/or family. Porto Blues Fest took place at the Palácio de Cristal gardens on the weekend of 26 and 27 May 2017. And we must confess that we have great expectations for the second edition, in 2018! The venue was perfect for two nights of blues. The weather was warm and the public was curious to watch the concerts.

First edition of Porto Blues Fest

Everyone was really excited about Shirley King’s concert with local musician Rui Veloso but that was on the second night and there was a lot of good music being played – and danced – before that, at Concha Acústica. For a first time edition, this festival really met the expectations and Shirley King was incredible!

The Delta Blues Riders, a Portuguese blues band, opened the festival with their typical rhythm followed by Julian Burdock and Danny del Toro, who finished they concert in the garden, in the middle of the amused and delighted audience.

Shirley King at Porto Blues Fest
© Pedro Ferreira [Getty Images/PPA]
Shirley King and Rui Veloso are two powerful names by themselves. When you get them together on the same stage for a homage to the king of blues, B.B.King, the mix is explosive! The concert was incredible. Shirley King was absolutely hypnotising as she chatted with the audience and sang accompanied by the Buddah Power Blues.

Before singing ‘Thrill is gone’ she invoked her father’s presence and a light rain started to fall turning that magical night into an even more special moment. And that song got her a standing ovation.

This festival has all the ingredients to be perfect: great artists, an amazing venue and a really good and smily organisation! The fact that it takes place at the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal makes it a family friendly event. You can bring the kids and you can all sit on the grass and listen to good music. We’re all wanting impatiently for next year’s edition!

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