Ornitorrinco, Porto

The name of this place may seem unpronounceable but in English it is way much easier: Ornitorrinco is the Portuguese name for duckbill. In nature, this word codifies a rare animal but in the downtown of Porto it codifies a vintage store. And a pretty one! This store, with warm colors and a big wood duckbill on the ceiling is the home for the clothes that some of us use to hide in the attic.

From Germany, to United States or Netherlands, Porto is the final destination of some of these unique garments. They cross the borders to become closer for those who appreciate this kind of wearing but it doesn’t stop here: they also cross years and many of them are separated by thirty or forty years from their birth. Exactly! The clothes on sale are all from the 70s and 80s, making them an original hymn of the trends.

The first step into the store (and a big one, because of the high stair at the entrance) is marked by a kind of color noise: from bright yellows, green or soft reds, the hangers are the support for unique fabrics. Animal prints, ethnic patterns, big flowers, horizontal and vertical stripes or one color only: the choices are many. Here, the second hand clothes are not in a pile: each piece deserves a hanger and this respect turns the store into a beautiful place, clean and cozy.

Inspired by a London neighborhood, speckled by stores like this one, Ornitorrinco is kind of a passport to Brick Lane, where vintage clothes are the main trend, with shops are full of it. Here, you can find skirts for 13€, sweaters from 12 to 20€, dresses for 15€, blouses for 10€, blazers for 20 or 22€, shoes from 10 to 30€ and jeans between 10 and 20€. The expensive choice is hanged on the winter coats or the leather clothes but in general, you’re able to take home good clothes for very affordable prices.

Ornitorrinco, Porto
Ornitorrinco first costumer


During the visit in Ornitorrinco, you’ll probably stumble in good music, coming out from the old turntable. Jazz, retro and blues are the most common genres and there are no complains (so far). At the end of the store, a shelf showcases a vast collection of accessories, with the stamp of “Pulgas Amestradas” (Tamed Fleas). Handmade Rings, tote bags, necklaces and earrings are the products on sale, between 3,50€ and 12€.

As a mascot, this animal might also be a “must-see” shop, from Mondays to Saturdays, between 11am and 8pm  There are no live animals inside but there’s a chance that your fashion taste rejuvenate into a new life.

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