Retrosaria das Flores

Haberdashery Porto Retrosaria Flores

The arts of sewing are the kind of traditional work that we use to associate with our grandmothers. But at Retrosaria das Flores, a not typical haberdashery, these craftworks of needles and lines appear with a modern twist.

Open only since 2011, this haberdasher´s shop sells fabric ribbons, original pattern tissues, lines, linings, elastics, laces, embroidery, wool yarn, zippers and buttons. You can also find there all the technical material you need to this kind of craftwork, like needles and thimbles.

Haberdashery Porto Retrosaria Flores
Traditional Wooden Products


Beyond all this, there are still craftworks from Porto artisans, whether they are sewing boxes or little padded bags to keep scissors, beautiful breastfeeding cushions and even Yankee Candles.

At this modern haberdashery you will feel graceful by its intense light, due to a decoration which relies in bright and cheerful colors. It is not a traditional space for sewing professionals, presenting itself as a friendlier concept that attracts all kinds of people, especially those who love such manual arts.

The owner, Paula Assucena, comes from a family that works for more than 40 years in this area of business. So she really knows from the “métier”. Not only she is experimented in this area of trade, she brings uplift to a very traditionally oriented sector.

Haberdashery Porto Retrosaria Flores
You can find here beautiful products


Besides the business of selling, Retrosaria das Flores promotes in a regular basis workshops dedicated to several issues related with the arts of sewing – teaching how to do children’s clothes, how to tailor a lunchbox or how to do patchwork. You can also learn how to do a wooden and tissue little horse or how to quilt a wood box. The possibilities are endless and only moved by the imagination.

Retrosaria das Flores opens Mondays to Saturdays, from 10am to 7pm.

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  1. Hello Jacquie, is correct, you were in haberdashery flowers working with us in crochet panels, we remember you and we loved your company ;) !
    I ask you to go to our facebook page Retrosaria das Flores and send us your email in private message to send the photos of crochet panels!
    Thank you ;) and we hope see you again!

  2. I was in Porto in May. Am not sure if I have the right shop. Were you doing crocheting tiles for the festival? I participated and regret not giving you our email address as would loved to have seen the finished door covered in the crocheted tiles. I live in Australia and am now back home, but really enjoyed my participation in the crocheting. If you are the correct store, would really like it if you are able to email me the final completion.

    Thanking you


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