Miguel Bombarda Street

Miguel Bombarda Street, Porto

Art Galleries Street in Porto

This is a vibrant street where you can feel the cosmopolitan atmosphere running through old buildings. The street stretches from opposite to the Crystal Palace street to Cedofeita street, so it is also very convenient to go from the blooming gardens of Crystal Palace to do some shopping at Cedofeita area. However, the reason I enjoy Miguel Bombarda street so much is because of the diversity of spaces you can find here, alternative shops and restaurants, making it quite unique.

Miguel Bombarda Street, Porto
Miguel Bombarda Street, Porto


Miguel Bombarda Street has dozens of art galleries, which makes it one of the main cultural neighbourhoods of Porto – indeed the street puts the Portuguese contemporary art scene on the map. Visit Presence Gallery for Jorge Santos’ works, depicting an intersection between nature and architecture; the Gallery Hostel is also an art gallery, showing interesting design pieces; the Ap’arte gallery promotes young talents side by side with renowned artists’ work – an inspiring mix.

Centro Comercial Bombarda (Bombarda Shopping Mall) is an unconventional space for shopping. You will find there some of the most trendy art galleries, second hand and vintage clothes stores, designer clothes shops, wall decoration, printed bags and posters and even a restaurant.

Arts Street Porto Miguel Bombarda
Simultaneous art inaugurations every 6 weeks.


From one gallery to another, lunch or snack time will probably come: do not go to another street: for a great lunch or dinner go to Bugo Art Burgers, an innovative concept that results in gourmet burgers; then there is Rota do Chá with a soothing atmosphere and an outside yard, to choose from a list of about one hundred different teas and have great scones that come direct from the oven.


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