Massarelos and the Romantic Promenades

Romantic Promenade Porto Massarelos

Take a romantic walk in Porto

Massarelos is one of the Western Porto quarters. It starts right next to the river, near Miragaia and continues to Rua do Ouro, near Foz. Making this tour along the river is always a very nice experience. This allows you to know a little more about the day-to-day life of the local residents, direct descendants of fishermen and sailors. Even today, the shield of the quarter has the image of a sailboat.

Massarelos also extends up the steep hillsides towards Boavista. If you walk the hill, through Rua da Restauração and Rua de Entre-Quintas, you’ll find a hank of narrow alleys, making a strange link between the city spirit and countryside.

Romantic Promenade Porto Massarelos
Tram going up Rua da Restauração.


It is a place of contrasts: the river and the sea traditions among the industrial buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries; the old aristocracy palaces and the Victorian mansions, the workers’ neighborhoods and the modern buildings. Casa Tait, a mansion of the 19th century, Quinta da Macieirinha, a Victorian palace, Convento de Monchique, a monastery of the 16th century, Bairro Inês, one of the workers’ neighbourhoods, it all coexists at the same time and in the same place, in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Romantic Promenade Porto Massarelos
Casa Tait, a 19th century mansion.


“Caminhos do Romântico” (Romantic Promenades) is an organized path trough all these places. The path is marked with informational signs and tips, so you won’t lose yourself. If you do walk during a beautiful sunny morning, I recommend you to do a few pauses, from time to time, to drink something, or even try one of the typical caffes around. If you do it all at once, the ideal is to end the tour at Palácio de Cristal, to freshen up a bit, breathe the nature and relax. Ah, don’t forget the camera, you’ll need it.

If you are brave enough, you can even climb all these hills on a bike, and ride back comfortably to the river.

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  1. Off to beautiful Porto on Tuesday and will visit all your suggested places. Thanks so much for that. We’ll probably end up with a glass of port in that amazing bar (can’t remember the name near Museum Romantico) and a meal at Papa Vinhos which I’m told is very good. Can’t wait to be there. Cheers Nicky


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