Industria Club

Industria Club, Porto

One of the oldest and best clubs in Porto

Brace youselves! Industria Club doors are opening. It’s midnight and a non-stopping dance marathon is about to start.

One of the most popular, bigger and elder music clubs in town, Industria has been entertaining Porto nights for decades, always surprising and giving it’s weekly big audiences, from reggae fans to alternative electronic music lovers, fresh reasons to drop by.

From live international dance hall reggae soundsystems to a cautious quality selection of top electronic dj sets, this a place for to those who want shake the shackles of daily routine and for those who suffer from dancing feet.

Industria Disco Club, Porto
Industria, Porto. Clean modern decoration for a real night club!


At Brasil Avenue, by Foz seaside, one of the most exlusive neighborhood in Porto, from Thursdays to Saturdays and holydays eve, at midnight the doors of Industria Club open and they only close for an early breakfast before bed, at 6 am.

The club is a hole in the ground of reality. A basement optimized for big raves and “what the hell happen last night” parties, with a combined state of the art minimalist décor of elements one can relate to severe industrial landscapes.

However it’s lustful lounge area with smooth velvet draperies and couches touch the well being of clients, where they can surprisingly drink good wine and champagne or sparkling wine in addiction to the regular drinkable offer one expects to find in a music club.

Industria Disco Club, Porto
You can party all night long at Industria Club, in Porto.


Porto has some other top music clubs like. For example, Pitch Club and Plano B are quality choices. And Hard Club nights aren’t less than memorable. But if you don’t want to lose that the river and see breeze, a calm drink at Twin’s Foz is also a nice way to spend the night.

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