Real Indiana Baixa do Porto

Real Indiana Porto green room

Classy indian restaurant downtown Porto

This is the younger sister of Real Indiana Cais de Gaia and it’s located right in the middle of the Entertainment District in downtown Porto, among other nice restaurants and bars. The place to be!

I love Indian food – to be honest, I love mostly all kinds of food – and Real Indiana as always been a reference when it comes to Indian restaurants in Porto. I used to go to their first restaurant, in Matosinhos, that is now closed as the owners decided to take a chance downtown in Baixa (a good call I believe), and I remember the long and friendly talks with the family “father”.

Real Indiana Porto food
Delicious food with a refinement touch


The food is delicious, prepared by true Indian chefs and always with a refinement touch. I’m more a light spicy fan, so I usually go for the Tikka Masala chicken or lamb always accompanied by a plain yogurt Lassi. But, if you are into the heavy stuff, you will also find happiness here! The Chesse Naan is to die for.

Again, the decoration by the local interiors architect Paulo Lobo makes a difference. Once you get in the space, the colorful yet peaceful big walls and the unmistakable spice’s smell take you to another place and dimension.

The main blue room of Real Indiana Baixa do Porto
The main blue room of Real Indiana Baixa do Porto


Once you are downtown don’t miss the chance to check out a few bars and clubs just a few steps away, like the The Gin Club or Baixa Bar to get started and the rocky Tendinha dos Clérigos later on.

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