Hotfive Jazz & Blues Club

Hot Five Jazz Club, Porto

Take five! And jazz all night.

To all the music lovers, especially for those who feel jazzy, Hotfive can be your g-spot. A big music club optimized for interesting lectures, with music as its main topic, but also for intimate and memorable jazz concerts.

And last, but no least, a fine selection of guest DJs as headwaiters at your ears’ service, filling the gaps in an agenda full of music events. From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10pm to 3am.

A place like Hotfive was missing in Porto nightlife. It contributed to change the town’s trendy scenario to a more cosmopolitan one,and it  gave a roof for those who learned to breathe through Miles trumpet. By the way, the nights there are not only made of licor and music, but also of tasty aperitifs.

Hotfive Jazz Club, Porto
Cosy and jazzy atmosphere at Hotfive Jazz Club.


For all of these reasons, this club became a health center for the spirit of those who just wanted more. And its action irradiates to other dimensions of jazz, as a melting pot of cultural manifestations towards music, through conferences, festivals, lectures…  The bar where the music happens has pictures of jazz legends on the walls, not only as a tribute but also as a confirmation of what Hotfive has to offer.

Next to Sé do Porto, one of the city’s iconic monuments, Escadaria dos Guindais and São João National Theatre, the most important theatre of Porto, this jazz headquarter enlivens the night of that picturesque, romantic and historic neighborhood.

Hotfive Jazz Club, Porto
A concert at Hotfive Jazz Club, Porto.


Not far from Hotfive, Tribeca, a jazz club and restaurant opened its doors recently. Before giving your body to jazz for the night, have a delicious hot dog (so you can keep the “hot” theme!) at Gazela. You’ll definitely enjoy the hot dog, the hot music and the hot night in Porto!

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