Hotel Ibis Porto Centro

Hotel Ibis Porto Centro

What you see is what you get

The thing I like about Ibis hotels is that, wherever you are in the world, you know what you count. Plain and simple. And Hotel Ibis Porto Centro is no exception and it does deliver what it promises.

First of all, you get the location right in the heart of pumping downtown Porto. Two steps away (literally two steps) and you are in Rua Passos Manuel, one of the most charismatic streets of Porto, and by Coliseu do Porto, probably the most famous and must see event venue. Going down, you will cross Rua Santa Catarina, just my the corner of Cafe Majestic, and a just a bit more and you get to Aliados Avenue, the main plaza and City Hall location. And it’s also just a few more minutes to walk to Ribeira.

Hotel Ibis Porto Centro
Breakfast area at Hotel Ibis Porto Centro


The hotel itself offers an “Ibis type” facilities and services. It’s practical, convenient, and safe. It covers your needs at a fair rate.

The rooms are simple but functional, with cable TV, free Wi-Fi and a small working desk, courtesy shampoo and shower gel… and a bed to die for! Yes, Ibis claim to have developed the best bed in the world and they actually sell it if you want to take it home with you! No kidding, check Ibis Store for more information.

On top of this, the staff is friendly and very helpful and, if you are travelling with your own or rental car, they will give you a discount voucher to be used in closed parking lot just next door to the hotel building.

Hotel Ibis Porto Centro
Outside view of Hotel Ibis Porto Centro


Overall, this would be one of your best options if you’re looking for something like a 3 nights budget stay in Porto, be it for tourism or business. Tell you the truth, I have booked this hotel for friends more than once and, like me, they did enjoy their stay very much.

If you’re real about getting local, you will definitely want to try the pork knuckle sandwich at Casa Guedes or the hotdogs at República dos Cachorros. Passos Manuel and Maus Hábitos, also just around the corner, are a couple of very local bars that you should take a look before hitting the most popular ones at Rua das Galerias.


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