Gazela Snack-Bar

Gazela Snack-bar, Porto

Gazela is the most famous place for hotdogs in Porto. Thin bread, sausage and cheese make them absolutely delicious. Order some fries on the side and you’ll be as happy as a kid on Christmas eve. That and a cold beer! The space is very small so don’t be surprised if you arrive and see a line. It’s not that we’re talking about a secret spot, you know?!

Part of the experience of going to Gazela is watching the staff making the hotdogs and watching all the clients. You’ll realize that everybody loves their hotdogs: businessman to students, posh ladies to housekeepers. No matter what your job is, hot dogs are food for the soul! I find it almost impossible to have only one. The sausage is spicy so there’s this amazing flavor in your mouth… the crispy bread, the melted cheese and the hot sausage! It’s like fireworks in your mouth.

Gazela Snack-bar, Porto
Gazela’s hotdog: crispy bread, spicy sausage and melted cheese.


The cool thing about places like Gazela is that you’ll meet people from all parts of the Porto and all social classes. When it comes to eating a good hotdog we’re all fans of the same places: down to earth staff, good and simple ingredients, tasty food. And the good thing about Porto is that you’ll find plenty of places that fit this description. Take a look on our Eat & Drink list and you’ll find them! Of course we have our Top 5 list but we’ll talk about that later!

Gazela is located right next to São João National Theatre so it’s not hard to find it. If you’re in Batalha square, you can’t miss it. In a walking distance you’ll find other places where you can have delicious food/sweets, all of them well-known to Porto’s delicacies hunters (like us): Casa Guedes, República dos Cachorros, Geladaria Neveiros and Duas de Letra. And, of course, you’ll find Porto’s landmarks: Sé Cathedral, São Bento train station, Aliados avenue and Majestic Café.

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