Casa dos Forros

Haberdashery Porto Casa Forros

Casa dos Forros (Linings), located in Cedofeita, downtown Porto, is part of my sweetest childhood memories. This small store not only sells linings but it sells all things related to sewing, knitting and clothing embellishments. My favorite thing about this store: the colorful buttons’ drawers.

For a small child, entering a store where buttons are kept organized in small drawers, by size, shape and color is something that has a “UAU” factor. And, of course, a challenge factor: “I wonder if I can mix the buttons!”. I’d never seen so many buttons in so many shapes and sizes like I did in Casa dos Forros.

Where talking about a small family run business. It has been for 50 years. The windows are absolutely fabulous. They work with a window designer called Regina Pinheiro. She designs amazing store windows. And she also designs amazing unique handmade pins. I’m a big fan and I manage to convince my mum to give me a couple of them for my birthday! Check her collection.

If, like me, you like buttons, this is a must visit store. The staff is very welcoming, they know what they’re talking about and if you don’t, just explain what you’re looking for and they’ll find it for you. One thing you have to see are the windows. Take my word for it: totally worth it!

Haberdashery Porto Casa Forros
Store window designed by Regina Pinheiro.


The street where Casa dos Forros is located used to be one of the city’s main shopping streets. It’s called Cedofeita street and it’s still one of the most well known streets in Porto. If you walk down the street, you’ll find Carlos Alberto Square, where you can have a cup of coffee at Moustache Coffee House or walk a little further to Café Piolho for a coffee or a bite. You can also visit two of the most beautiful churches in Porto: Carmo and Carmelitas’s Churches.

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