Hellenikon Greek Restaurant, Porto

The first Greek restaurant in Porto

Hellenikon is a greek restaurant in Porto! The first one to open in town. I know you’re in Portugal and we have amazing and delicious food, but I’m a sinner and a sucker for greek food. There, I said it! Actually, I love Greece. And I love food. And greek food is really good. There you have: a perfect combination. Plus, Hellenikon is not just a greek restaurant. It’s a greek restaurant where you can have real greek food.

When I go abroad, I sometimes find myself craving for Italian or Greek food. Israeli or Japanese. So, if you’re craving for good, delicious greek food and you’re in town, you now know where to go.

Meatballs at Hellenikon Greek Restaurant, Porto
The tender, scrumptious meatballs.


From the traditional dolmadakia (vine leaf with rice rolls) to the baked feta cheese or the salad, you will have plenty to choose from. If you’re not a big eater, share the main course. My favorites are the meatballs. And the moussaka. Yes, along with being a sinner, I’m also a meat eater! The meatballs melt in your mouth as you taste all of the spices and the texture of the minced meat. The moussaka is a classic in what comes to greek traditional food. It’s kind of my greek comfort dish!

Of course that you have to save room for dessert! The traditional baklava (phyllo dough, nuts and honey)! Let’s not discuss if this is a Turkish or Greek dessert. It is absolutely delicious, so, eat and enjoy! And, if you’re into fun facts, try to count the number of phyllo dough layers: they’re supposed to be 33, as many as Christ’s age. So I’ve heard.

The food, the nice staff and the decoration make this one of the best restaurants to go in Porto. Plus, the music playing is clearly greek and loud enough to be heard and to let you chat without being distracted by it!

Moussaka at Hellenikon Greek Restaurant, Porto
Moussaka. Delicious traditional Greek food.


Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 8pm to 12am. Don’t forget to bring cash as they don’t take credit cards!

After such a nice dinner, if you feel strong enough, nothing like walking towards the Entertainment District and having a coffee at Café Piolho or a drink at Baixa Bar.

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