Muuda Porto

There are very few spaces like MUUDA Porto, a shop whose purpose is much more than just selling its products. In this modern area, yet with the typical warmth of Porto, art, design fashion and gourmet food combine perfectly well, however strange it may seem.

In this concept store you can find the typical Porto Wines as well as some fantastic gourmet delicacies, like preserves, chutneys, mustards and spices from Santa Gula; as teas from Quinta Nova; or such as the jams from Rural das Bouças & Rosas, all typical and quality genuine products from Portugal. But there are also Finnish chocolates and other international delights to appreciate.

Muuda Porto
Fashion Store in Porto


Beside the joys of the palate, you will find modern and contemporary art and design objects, including fashion and jewellery from local designers, but also traditional soaps and other attractive items.

MUUDA is a cosmopolitan and multi-purpose space divided in three different areas: one dedicated to art and design; another dominated by the clothes collections of some Portuguese fashion designers like Katty Xiomara and Luís Buchinho; and the last one devoted to the flavors of the taste and of the reading. In this last area, there’s a huge table where you can lunch, have a snack or taste a wine, have dinner or just read a book, newspaper or magazine.

Included in the cultural circuit of Miguel Bombarda, a very charismatic and artfully dynamic street of Porto, MUUDA promotes as well art exhibitions, showing the paintings, photography’s, illustrations, sculptures and other works from new artists and designers.

Muuda Porto
Gourmet and Gallery


The store also accommodates some fashion shows, cooking classes, book releases, performances and several workshops dedicated to themes so different as risotto cooking, make-up, coaching or communication art.

MUUDA Porto opens from Mondays to Saturdays from 11am to 8pm.

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