Seafood Restaurant Gambamar, Porto

Late hours seafood and francesinha

If you choose to have dinner at Gambamar one thing is for sure: you will enjoy a well cooked meal and a good service and feel pleased when you come out. You may not find a “uau” factor here, but the guarantee of long years of experience can be determinant to the experience of a meal.

There are other things that make this restaurant a great choice in Porto: the private parking for clients and the late closing time. In fact, Gambamar is open from 12pm to 2am, thus giving you the opportunity to taste some seafood, like a crab or some shrimps, and a thick steak at late hours. To me, the time can add so much flavor to a dish!

Restaurant Gambamar, Porto
The decoration may seem a bit old fashion, but thats the spirit!


The decoration can look a bit old fashioned but I rather find it delicious, reminding me so much of the 80s! The location is also great: in Boavista and Galiza areas, at walking distance from the riverside and not far from the Crystal Palace gardens and Miguel Bombarda Street, in the Arts District of Porto. Visiting one of these nearby places can be a good way of helping digest a substantial lunch or dinner… :).

The service is spotless and you can notice the staff has a lot of experience and pay attention to detail. But I guess I am forgetting the most important here: the food! Flawless, too. Of course you have to try the Francesinha (“that” Porto’s sandwich stuffed with steak, ham, and sausage covered with melted cheese and spicy sauce), which is very good here.

Francesinha Gambamar, Porto
Want to feel a real local? Have your meal over the counter!


On the menu you also find some of my favorites. Here’s my perfect meal: start with a seafood soup and some tiger shrimp, then continue with a Tornedó Henrique IV or a codfish cooked “Gambamar way”. To finish, one more sin won’t make a difference: go for the ice-cream!

Besides de tables, there’s also has a side counter for quicker or solitary meals and has a variety of snacks to choose from the menu.

On the same street, you will find two more look a like beerhouses with a good seafood and francesinhas: Capa Negra and Cufra. Take your pick, all the three are excellent!

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