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Electronic Club Porto Pitch Club

The longer nights uptown clubbing

Pitch Club is a modern, fancy club, powered by non-conventional electronic beats.

Its two floors’ are divided in ground floor with a dance floor inspired in what is done best abroad and a bar with funky sets on the first floor. And as many other clubs in Porto, it’s also a playhouse for concerts.

It’s opening helped pinning Passos Manuel street in Porto’s nightlife map. Nowadays, during the weekend, and not only on full moon nights, there’s a wave of people eager to shake their bones crossing Aliados Avenue. Chic sleepwalking, thirsty fashionable vampires targeting the neck of one of Porto’s best electronic music houses. The queues at the entrance state Pitch-Club’s watermark: outstanding parties with daintiness.

Electronic Club Porto Pitch Club
Party hard and have fun at one of the best clubs in Porto!


At Pitch you can find an excellent musical menu made of the grooviest portuguese DJs of our days, sprinkled with top-notch international DJ sets providing not only electric electronic tunes but fueling funny themed parties, bringing, for example, the best of the 80s we have in ourselves, all in a latter-day design dancehall optimized to entertain us. The first floor lounge bar is also a nice spot to take a break from all the craziness downstairs and socialize with a cold beer in hand. If you’re lucky and there’s some place where to seat, the armchairs at the upstairs bar have the power to soothe a giant.

Electronic Club Porto Pitch Club
Grab a drink and recharge batteries on an armchair.


Usually you have to pay to get in but if you need a warm up, Café au Lait is a place with similar musical taste. Passos Manuel and Maus Hábitos are other great choices, with the advantages of avoiding the big crowds in downtown and the closeness to Pitch, less than five minutes walking or floating. With a clientele from the same “dancing la vida loca with style” tribe, Plano B a good alternative to Pitch Club.

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