Café au Lait

Groovy Eclectic Bar Porto Cafe Au Lait

Let’s get funky tonight!

Named after the french drink, coffee with milk, Café au Lait could just be what you where looking for the night before, when you went out and none of the bars or clubs suited you. But probably you stopped in front of it, seduced by it’s scene.

It’s right in the core of Porto downtown’s nightlife, the street of Galerias de Paris and it was one of the first bars, which opened doors in restored historic buildings at downtown recent night life boost. Ever since, it has been a small oasis for those who prefer those twilight zone nights. If you’re one of those who enjoy fashionable, fancy, stylish and minimalist environments, Café au Lait is the place where you have to go.

The entrance is free of charge, as in many other bars of this recent movida at Porto. So you can get in and out as you please, holding the glass in your hands. A beer costs less than €2 and the cheapest gin tonic is €4. The other long drinks and white spirits are €4 minimum. Some brands are more expensive.

Eclectic Bar Porto Cafe Au Lait
Cool and eclectic clientele.


Add these qualities to eclectic live DJ sets with fresh tunes fished directly from the melting pot of R’n’B, Soul, Funk, Acid Jazz and electronic music, mostly from Portuguese master DJs moving through groovy landscapes. This is valid almost for every night of the week.

As it’s name indicates, Café au Lait is also a good place to go for a coffee, during the afternoon or after dinner. From Monday to Thursday, it’s quieter than during the weekend, and it’s easy to find a chair to have a nice chat next to the counter or in one of the few tables.

It closes at 4am on weekends, with it’s highest peek between 1am and 4am. From Monday to Tuesday doors close at 2am. These opening hours and its free entrance makes Café au Lait a win-win choice. For those who are only going out for a couple of beers or so and for those who want the best warm up before going to a big club, like Plano B or Pitch Club, to dance until sunrise.

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