Conga das Bifanas

Conga das Bifanas, Porto

Conga is one of the most famous places in Porto. They have the most famous “Bifanas” in town. Remember this word: “bifanas”. (If you’re trying to say it, imagine you put the words “beef” and “Ana’s” together and say them really quickly. Go on, try it! There you go!) Located right in the heart of the city, Conga has been open since 1976. We’re talking about a snack-bar that made it’s name with a simple recipe: bread, pork meat (very thinly sliced) and sauce. There. That’s a “bifana”. The secret is, of course, the sauce. The recipe is, of course, well kept in the family.

The restaurant is loud, crowed most of the time and you’ll find all kinds of people there. Everybody loves “bifanas”. Actually, the owners of Conga created this snack. They came back from Angola in 1976 and opened the restaurant in downtown Porto and haven’t stopped ever since. Their son is now the manager of the restaurant and wanted to become a journalist but the “bifanas” were in his blood and he decide to lend a hand to the family’s business.

Bifanas Porto, Conga
Remember: bifana (beef Ana)


The restaurant now looks kind of fancy and you’ll find a more refined menu. There are come gourmet options for you to try but all of them are inspired in traditional, simple dishes with strong flavors. The space and menu we’re renovated but the main attraction is still the “bifana”. The staff is nice and efficient though loud. But that’s part of the experience. Be aware of the sauce. It’s spicy. We’re not fans of very spicy food but we can handle a “bifana”. Along the walls you’ll find some memorabilia that the family kept for some time and now decided to share with their clients. There are old telephones, old kitchen¬†appliances among other items.

If you’re into a spicy breakfast in Porto, Conga opens at 9 am, so, go for it!

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