Chocolataria Equador

Chocolaterie Equador, Porto

Crossing the door entrance of Chocolataria Equador, in Porto, seems that we are travelling back in time. With its retro décor, reporting to the 40’s and 50’s, this sweet gourmet store allows visitors a unique experience through the pleasures of the senses. In this chocolaterie the products are 100% handmade. In a cozy ambiance, dominated by the dark wood furniture, you can find several types of chocolates, including truffles, candies, macaroons and tablets.

Chocolataria Equador is not only a store, but a brand that works with the artisan chocolatiers great masters. The results are irresistible chocolates that you really have to try! Just the menu list itself makes your mouth water: dark chocolate tablet with whiskey mousse; orangettes (chocolate and orange); green tea bonbons; ginger filled chocolate or Port wine ganache filled chocolate; satong chocolate to smear or to melt. And it goes on…

You will also find plenty of options to fit as a perfect gift to take back home to a friend or relative, like “Equador Kits” that include e few different chocolates and teas.

It’s not only the retro décor that reports to old times. The product packaging reflects this intentionality to reclaim the mystique of past times. The graphics used are similar to those who existed during the colonial era, when Portugal was one of the major exporters of cocoa in the world. That is another touch of enthusiasm and reveals the artistic element of the store.

Chocolataria Equador, Porto
Handmade chocolate bars


They usually promote show cooking with chocolate and interventions of plastic artists, thus proving that it is much more than only a chocolate factory. It is really a state of mind!

Dare to enter in this unique world! If not for anything else, at least to taste a hot chocolate in a 100% biodegradable cup. The store opens Mondays to Saturdays, from 10 am to 7 pm, and they have a second branch at Rua das Flores, 298.

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