Champanheria da Baixa

Champagne Bar Porto Champanheria Baixa

Tasting stars with champagne

At Largo de Mompilher, on the corner of Rua da Picaria, you will not find Cheers. Note to oneself, reality’s better than fiction. But you will find something far more appealing than just a relaxed bar where to go for a drink and socialize.

Champanheria da Baixa is a lounge bar with that familiar, neighborly, bohemian, atmosphere one can relate to anglo-american pubs superbly mixed with the fancy, exquisite and cosmopolitan spirit of the salons in the Paris of the second decade of XX century.

Champagne Bar Porto, Champanheria Baixa
A comfortable and lazy ambiance wait for you inside.


Champanheria da Baixa is specialized in champagne and sparkling wine. There are few houses of this kind in Portugal and it is the only one in Porto. In this recent boom of bars and clubs opening in the city, reaching all sorts of people, Champanheria da Baixa squeezed its way into the hearts of those who just wanted to celebrate, socialize or to just hold the stemware, a small gesture but yet so bubbly noble.

At Champanheria there’s also aperitifs to die for, delicious finger-food as the perfect gourmet sidekick for a fine selection of the best portuguese sparkling wine and french champagne. And if your companion isn’t so fond of the glittering, fizzing drink, don’t worry. You won’t be left alone. You can also order a glass of good red or white wine.

Champagne Bar Porto Champanheria Baixa
The terrace is the perfect place for a chilled flute.


During winter nights, take a seat at the comfortable, lazy, armchairs next to the heaters. And on hot summer nights, the terrace of Champanheria at Mompilher square will make you order another one of those chilled flutes.

Next to Champanheria da Baixa, on Mompilher square, Candelabro’s another pub alike bar, but in this case, the menu’s made out of red and white wine. In this tasteful drinking tour, go to The Gin Club and ask for a gin and tonic or to Porto Tónico, where you can experience a new way of drinking Porto Wine.

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