Carmo&Carmelitas’ Churches

carmo and carmelitas churches

Located in downtown Porto, the Carmo and Carmelitas churches  look like the biggest church in the city. In fact, they are two churches separated by one of the world’s narrowest houses. This house was built to make all contact between the nuns and the monks impossible. If you look closely, you’ll find Carmo Church (on the right) and Carmelitas Church (on the left).

Carmelitas Church was part of a convent in the 17h century. The building has a classical façade with a single a bell tower and a rich gilded interior. The church was used as barracks during the French Invasion of Porto (1808-1814).

Carmo and Carmelitas Churches, Porto
Two churches separated by the on of the world’s narrowest houses.


Carmo Church was built in the 18th century and is an amazing example of the baroque architecture. Outside, you will find a magnificent panel of blue and white tiles, representing the Brown Scapular imposition on Mount Carmel. The panel is rich in details, perspective and color and was designed by Silvestro Silvestri.

On the Carmelitas’ church interior you’ll find a rich baroque and rococo style with gilded woodcarvings on the main altar and the lateral chapels. You’ll find the same details of gilded woodcarving on Carmo church. On the left to Carmelitas church, are now the heaquarters of GNR (Portuguese National Guard). The building is the former Carmelite convent.

Carmo and Carmelitas Churches, Porto
Portuguese tiled wall on Carmo’s church side wall.


The churches are located close to other landmarks such as Clérigos Tower, Cordoaria Gardens and Lello Bookshop. If you’re around and you feel like having a cup of coffee there are plenty of places to choose from: Café Piolho, Café Progresso and Luso Caffé. You’ll also be in walking distance from the Arts District.

Both curches are open monday to friday from 7:15am to 7pm; saturdays, sundays and holidays from 9am to 6:45pm.

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  1. A most amazing experience. We loved our trip to Porto and Lisbon, Portugal. The book store is stunningly beautiful, and yes, I purchased a book. The churches, houses and vistas are fabulous. Portugal, is now one of my favorite places to visit.


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