Café Candelabro

Cafe Candelabro, Porto

Have a coffee and read a book!

Café Candelabro is a special cafe-bookshop in downtown Porto. Why so special? Because it’s cosy, artsy and you can find books on the shelves. Some of them, you can actually buy. Others you can take with you to the table and enjoy them. Most of the books are about photography and cinema.

Another special feature of this cafe is that they buy books. About photography, cinema, theatre and arts. Got any laying around the house? Bring them with you and negotiate with the staff. It’s probably better if you email them first! They’re also interested in photos and postcards. Old and new.

The outside patio of Café Candelabro.
The outside patio of Café Candelabro.


If you’re a wine lover, this might be the right place for you. The space is cosy, really charming and laid-back with a touch of the old times. You will feel at home. That’s the best way to describe it. They have wine by the glass, which is something that is not really easy to find in Porto.

Café Candelabro is a meeting point for the young and artsy. Architects, actors, writers. It seems that this cafe attracts the creative spirits in the city. From 6 pm onwards it’s more difficult to find an available table. You can join everybody on the sidewalk and enjoy your glass of wine (or any other drink) outside. The terrace is just opposite from one of Porto’s most beautiful news stands. It’s red. You won’t miss it!

Cafe Candelabro, Porto
The sidewalk outside patio is great on warmer nights!


The cafe-bookshop is located in the “fun district” and “book district”. If you walk around you’ll find bars and restaurants and quite and impressive nightlife! You’ll also notice quite a few bookshops and second-hand book shops. Go in and take a look around. They’re wonderful! Candelabro is also in a walking distance from Porto’s Aliados Avenue, São Bento train station, Cordoaria gardens, Torre dos Clérigos and Lello & Irmão bookshop.

Just next door and sharing the outside sidewalk patio, also try Champanheria da Baixa.

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