Café Aviz

Cafe Aviz billiards, Porto

This is a unique and remarkable space in Porto. And it is not a new one… quite the opposite. Café Aviz counts more than 50 years, yet you can see the costumers range from the oldtimers to young students, making its atmosphere always fresh.

The location is great, just a few steps from Aliados Avenue, making it a good stop for a mid afternoon snack. Given its proximity to the “Galerias” area, the new Entertainment District where the vibrant Porto’s night scene takes place, Aviz is also great to start the night with a good “Francesinha” (Porto’s rich sandwich with hot spicy sauce) or a good steak with fries and egg, comfort food that should not be denied to anyone.

Café Aviz has long been connected to the academic tradition of Porto – it is very likely that you find here students wearing black suits and a black coat, the Porto University’s costume which was initially thought to diminish the differences in the appearance between richer and poorer students.

Francesinha, Cafe Aviz Porto
The francesinha from Café Aviz is one of the best in town.


Many walls are covered with plaques, some made almost 50 years ago, that groups of students proudly leave here when they graduate, paying homage to Aviz as a place of meeting, memorable meals with friends and for some a place of study. Just like in Café Piolho.

Café Aviz has another characteristic that makes it stand out and not very easy to find in Porto, particularly in the centre: the billiards. More than a strategic thrilling game (at least for me) they are another reason for a good night out with friends.

The decoration is not luxurious, but there is an art deco touch that makes it interesting. The place is often packed when soccer is on TV – and you will certainly hear the loud comments on it.

Cafe Aviz, Porto
Inside Café Aviz, Porto.


There is something historic and genuine about Aviz that I think I cannot put in words… but yes, Aviz is absolutely worth a visit.

Just down the street, towards Aliados, you’ll find Café Guarany on the corner. This is also a place you must visit.


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