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Bookstore TimTim por TimTim, Porto

From seven to seventy-seven, they say: and probably, we don’t even question this reality. The fantasy world of storytelling, divided by squares full of colors is the main attraction of this store. The white walls are barely visible, once the books are covering most of them. Dialogues in balloons, books waiting for you to fill them with stickers or posters with heroes are just some of the stuff that you can find here.

We’re obviously talking about a comic book store, but it’s not a common one. Timtim por timtim is the name of the place in Porto where you can find old collections, rare editions of some of the top stories of our favorite heroes and some of the original first editions of Tintin, Vecu, A Suivre and many others. Beside this, there are also football magazines, cinema and cultural editions or comic related toys.

From the amazing Franco-Belgian editions, to the British, the Spanish and the American ones, the probability of finding your dream titles is almost 100%. And this equation is similar do the will of remaining inside, exploring the many existent bookshelves. The passion of the owner is noticeable and the remarkable collection is the result many years of work: collecting, buying and searching for the rare and diverse titles of newsstands.

Bookstore TimTim por TimTim, Porto
Walls of bookstore TimTim por TimTim


Joining the useful with the pleasurable, this amazing address of comics in Porto is not only a nice place to buy some old editions but also an enjoyable location to add to your “museums” list. If you want to take some books with you be careful: if the price of some is only 1€, there are also others out of your league (or not). 5000€ is the most expensive title that we can find there.

Your budget may be adapted to your taste and passion about comics but whether you’re a lover or just a curious, you’ll always be invited to go in and explore: not only because it is an endless and fascinating world, but also because the main character of the store is Tintin, so you are also allowed to become a brave reporter and discover the collections of this place, right in the heart of Porto.

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