Bonaparte Pub

Bonaparte, Porto

Bonaparte is the most famous pub in Porto. It’s kind of an Irish Pub owned by a german. It’s located in Foz, on the seafront, between Castelo do Queijo and Saint John’s Fort. It’s one of those places passed on to generations on end. My grandpa loved to go there for a whisky. My dad liked it in the summer, for a beer with friends. I like it all year round for…well it depends, really: whisky, beer, wine! As long as I’m with friends, good drinks are a bonus!

This pub has been open for more than 30 years. Everybody in the city has heard of Bonaparte and has been there, at least once! It’s very likely that once you go there, you go back. Once. Twice. Trice. Wel… you get my drift! Decorated in a british style, with an alternative spirit and great music, this is the place to go if you’re into beer and whisky or if you’re in the mood for a cocktail or a glass of wine.

Don’t be surprised if you’re at the table and someone at the next table starts saying “hi” to people coming in. It happens a lot that friends meet there without previous notice. Bonaparte is loud. Not only because Portuguese people – and especially people from Porto – are loud but because it tends to get crowded! There are a couple of tables outside, on the sidewalk. It’s not the most charming esplanade in the city but as you see the ocean across the street, it’s worth it.

Bonaparte is located on the seafront and if you’re into walking, just go along the sidewalk, on the opposite side of the street. Either by the sea or along the sidewalk you’ll have a nice stroll. Don’t forget that you’ll be close to surf schools and the best beaches in Porto. If you’re hungry, walk to Edifício Transparente and grab a bite at Picaba. You’re also in walking distance from Praia dos Ingleses. Either way, enjoy the sea view!

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