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Last night a Dj saved my life!

Planning to go out at night for some drinks and at the same time something tells you it’s going to be one of those nights where you end up dancing until the break of dawn?

I know just the hot spot for doing the entire social drinking mixed with small talk before heading down a staircase, onto the “twilightest” of the dance zones: Plano B Music Club.

At Cândido dos Reis street, one of the main arteries of Porto’s nightlife, parallel to Galerias de Paris street, you’ll find Plano B, portuguese for Plan B. But don’t be mistaken, it has been the plan A for many people since it’s opening, some years ago, when Porto couldn’t yet dream of having a nightlife like nowadays. Even with bars and music clubs showing up like mushrooms none of them beats Plano B’s vintage atmosphere.

Groovy Bar Porto Plano B
Coffee house and art gallery by day.


The ground floor works as a coffee house and art gallery during daytime, and bar and art gallery by night. Its interior design of retro inspiration has pushed the boundaries of fine taste to a higher level as a DJ throws his groovy lounge beats. Later on the night, the basement opens to the public. Take a chance and go downstairs. The retro, vintage, artistic decoration makes it fun to explore and see all the tiny details as you stroll your eyes through the walls and the rooms. But this is not an archeological expedition. You wanted to dance. Ready?

Plano B’s nights are full of music. The best international and eclectic DJs from electronic music, mostly house, electro rock, funk, R’n’B, acid jazz, lindy hop, and so on, accompanied by the hippest Portuguese DJs of the moment. All of this happening in two dance halls, one more directed to the electronic beats than the other. At the same time, you can have one foot in a fantastic electro-rock party and the other one doing the jive at a lindy hop gathering.

This mixed environment makes the nights even crazier and better. During weekend nights clients need to pay entrance. Between €5 and €10, depending on who is playing the beats. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 10pm until 2am, Thursdays from 10pm to 4am. Fridays and Saturdays all the way down from 10pm to 6am.

Groovy Bar Porto Plano B
Great concerts take place at Plano B.


By the way, Plano B is a great house for concerts and a few top notch international indie bands played there. It does a great job promoting music in Portugal. Not only showing what’s made abroad but also supporting Portuguese works.

These are all important facts, of course, but let’s get back to the beginning: you wanted to go out and dance? Go to Plano B and see for yourself what a fancy music club in Porto downtown with a retro design is all about.

In this kind of nights, warm up usually starts at Café ao Lait. And try Pitch Club, for the same genre of dance tunes and fashionable environment wrapped in modern interior design.

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