Pherrugem Bar

Pherrugem Bar, Porto

Pherrugem is located in downtown Porto and is one of the best bars in town if you’re a rock fan. Thursday is your night at Pherrugem! A couple of iconic bands (their music, of course) are invited to join you for a drink and brighten up your week end! As you walk through the door, you’ll find yourself in a granitic yet warming place. The bar has a dim light ambiance so it feels kind of mysterious!

Pherrugem Bar, Porto
Granite walls are kind of trademark of this bar.


Rock, indie and alternative are the main sounds that you’ll hear playing. This bar is one of the few in Porto where you can please you ears with these sounds. Pherrugem started being famous for its black velvet curtains – it was kind of mysterious walking in the first times because no one was sure about what was going to find inside – and the music. Of course the decoration also helped: wooden floors, granite walls and some unexpected elements on the walls and ceiling. And a totally different sink (excuse yourself to the wc and you’ll see!).

Pherrugem Bar, Porto
This is the bar for Rock, Indie and Alternative fans.


There’s a room with tables and a big sofa where you can grab a seat and chat while enjoying a drink or a snack – if you get there early, otherwise, seating will be a Herculean task! Here you’ll find goths and posh, youngsters and people old enough to be their parents. They all have one thing in common: the taste for good music, a nice bar and probably the possibility of enjoying a drink and smoke a cigarette – yes, you can smoke inside! Let me let you in on a little secret: prices at Pherrugem are quite cool! This is one of the bars in Porto where the drinks aren’t too expensive. So, get yourself ready for a fun night out in town and go to Pherrugem!

Next door to Pherrugem there’s Pipa Velha. If you cross the street and walk towards Rua da Picaria, you’ll find Café Candelabro. During the day, you can take a look at Timtim por Timtim (bookstore) and Ovelha Negra (knitting store). If your clothes are in need for some washing, take them to A Lavandeira.

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