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Bagus jam , Porto

When walking around Porto, if you feel the need to take a break, breathe and to go ahead, Bagus is one of the best places for it. This kind of grocery, kind of meeting point, kind of little home open to the world, is a store unique that sells traditional, gourmet and biological Portuguese products.

At this welcoming place, with a touch of rurality with its wooden furniture, you can have a taste of the products sold here. Bagus promotes degustation sessions every day and you can revive your touristic will drinking a biological tea and eating a piece of homemade chocolate cake for less than 3 Euros.

This shop rises in a street that used to be known by the furniture business. The carpentry and woodwork stores still have their space at Rua da Picaria, but the area is rebirthing with new and modern affairs.

The thing with Bagus can only be a love affair, as you will surely get fall for the stuffed list of Portuguese delicacies that are offered – the so traditional olive oils, the vinegars, the sierra cheeses, the typical sausages, the unavoidable wines, the jams and the sweetmeats, the irresistible chocolates, the biscuits, etc.

Bagus, Porto
Opening day at Bagus


Apart from the incredible amount of dainty food, you can also buy cork fashion accessories, hand painted scarves and ornamental craftwork.

In a regular basis, Bagus also promotes workshops where you can learn to cook vegetarian food or to make the perfect risotto. Some ateliers are dedicated specially to children; others promote the communion between parents and sons; others simply attract the cooking lovers.

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