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author's cuisine Restaurant Porto Foz Velha

Foz Velha – the name refers to its lovely location at the old part of Foz, on the Seaside District – is not easy to find, albeit it is very close to the major seaside avenue of Porto, Avenida Brasil (Brazil Avenue). Indeed, it is a door like any other in the street but as you climb the stairs you will notice you are entering a beautifully decorated house.

The staff gives you a warm welcome and offer to keep your coats and bags, if desired. Then you are walked to your table and that is when you will notice the details of the décor. It is perfectly balanced: the contrast of the red chandeliers with the brown wood in the chairs and windows give it a luxury touch and at the same time a homely feeling.

Gourmet Restaurant Porto Foz Velha
Charming and comfortable red room


Now, the food! Marco Gomes is a renowned chef in Portugal and he brings to his menus at Foz Velha the mixture of his roots in a Portuguese northern village with the flavors he has tasted throughout the world. So you can say his food is traditional food – here you will find the so Portuguese “Lagareiro octopus”, “alheira” and codfish – with haute cuisine modern twists, like the foie gras escalope and the cured salmon with fried benas, tobiko caviar and mustard sauce, which is to die for.

At this point you must have already understood that it is an expensive restaurant. Well, this is not entirely true as you pay for the whole experience and it is a restaurant that is a great choice for a romantic special dinner or a business meeting to impress your investors.

At dinner you can have a gastronomic experience, choosing “à la carte” or between one of the three degustation menus (and that will add up to about 50€/pax), but at lunch you can also get acquainted with the food of chef Marco Gomes paying just 12 to 14€ (2 or 3 course menu).

Gourmet Restaurant Porto Foz Velha
Foz Velha decoration pays attention to details


As you’re in the old Foz neighborhood, you might want to take a walk on the pier or along the seaside sidewalk to the Pergola. If you cross the street towards the sea, you’ll find another great restaurant and esplanade, Shis. If you’re into a sushi meal, this is one of the best places in Porto, though it’s not a budget restaurant – but the view is quite worth it!

If you walk towards the pier and then across the Passeio Alegre Garden you can take the tram from to Infante (Ribeira area), where you can visit Casa do Infante Museum and enjoy one of the most delightful tram ride in the city.

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