Pinguim Café

Artsy Caffe Bar Porto Pinguim Cafe

Gin with tonic poetry

Welcome to Pinguim Café, one of the older bars in town, from a period in Porto’s nightlife prior to all the downtown movement of nowadays. But this historical fact its only a glimpse of this cosy place.

Pinguim Café is well known in the artistic circles of Porto of the latest generations. Besides it’s friendly bar service, it works as an art gallery and a playhouse for cultural events like theatre plays. Its cultural monthly agenda has been, since it’s beginnings, filled with events mostly directed to Poetry. For instance, “Poetry Monday Nights” at Pinguim are famous, and have regular participations of renown portuguese Poets. And there are other nights during the week where clients not only assist but can also participate in recitals of Poetry declaiming favorite authors.

Artsy Caffe Bar Porto Pinguim Cafe
Cosy and friendly space.


Pinguim Café has that romantic atmosphere that one relates to literature, which by itself creates a quiet, intimate environment, where one can go after dinner for coffee and chat all night long. Sometimes, there’s some joyful activities going on like motion writing, and the participation is free, giving a more familiar feeling to the unknown costumers as they interact with each other in these activities.

Pinguim’s basement has an important role in the cultural agenda of Porto. For instance, many amateur theatre companies have shown their plays there, sometimes this is the first stage where unknown authors and actors/actresses show their works. Their basement is also a nice spot for concerts.

Artsy Caffe Bar Porto Pinguim Cafe
A great place for small concerts and poetry readings


There’s another interesting fact about Pinguim Café. Its bar has an amazing selection of gin brands, and, for many years, has been one of the best places to savor Gin&Tonic in the city center. Their hot chocolate is fantastic and you can also order baked cheese or the portuguese finest and traditional roasted sausage.

For all of these reasons, you have to go to Pinguim Café, in Ribeira, the historic center of Porto, at the picturesque Belomonte street. Every night, from 9pm to 4am. Beside Pinguim Café, go to Gato Vadio, other natural, intimate and out of the box habitat for literature and other arts during the night.

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