Twin’s Foz

Twins Foz Club, Porto

Safe bet classy club and disco in Porto

Since the beginning of times, before downtown nightlife started to vibrate, there were a few places throughout the city which entertained the night people. Years have passed and the most successful ones persisted. And some are still the first choice for many of us to embrace whatever comes after sun the goes down. Twin’s Foz, a big club and disco located in one of the most classy neighborhoods of Porto, continues to attract and surprise people.

Twin’s is a well-known disco in Portugal, one of the first to open its doors a few years after the revolution that took the dictatorship to an end, and it helped setting the after party in a society eager to celebrate. And, although nowadays there’s lots of bars and clubs in the city, few of them match Twin’s Foz high standards.

Twin's Foz Disco, Porto

Classy and cosy 1st floor bar at Twin’s Foz, Porto.


First of all, the landscape, with the beautiful Passeio Alegre and the breathtaking postcard image of the rivermouth is an amazing welcome card. And then, the club itself. A modern, cozy, froufrou, sociable lounge bar area; the bar with a fine selection of drinks, from the best dyonisian portuguese wine to the hollywoodesc exotic cocktails; and its deluxe dance hall disco area.

For all the reasons, this disco is a superb alternative to the crowed downtown nightlife. Take my word for it!

Twin's Foz, Porto

The magnetizing dance-floor of Twin’s Foz, Porto.


Other nearby option for the cosmopolite fans of alternative music is Industria Club, an awesome music club that also contributes to magnetize nightlife to this part of the city, known as Foz.

And if you like Twin’s Foz why not try out their twin sister downtown Twin’s Baixa? :)

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