Twin’s Baixa

Twins Baixa, Porto

Trendy bar and restaurant downtown Porto

Twin’s club trademark has immemorially been associated to a story made of successful nightlife ingredients such as fun times, lounge bar or disco dance hall and trendy, fashionable looks. And the recent chapter started a few years ago, when Twin’s Baixa opened doors in Cândido dos Reis street.

This new nightlife pleasurable rooftop not only followed the tsunami of bars and clubs flooding Porto downtown but it has soon upgraded from the irreverent student to a nighttime class master, sought by many, many clients.

Twins Baixa Bar, Porto

Twin’s Baixa decor is quite modern and cosy at the same time.


In a renovated old textile warehouse, Twin’s Baixa offers an exquisite menu of pleasing gourmet meals where portuguese traditional gastronomy has new uniforms on the plate and a wide range of portuguese wines and cocktails, like gin and tonic for all palates.

Besides this restaurant feature, its contemporary décor elevates de concept of modern and urban lounge bar to a new standard. It also has an outdoor terrace, where you can make a toast to the cosmopolite Porto, your new favorite city. And when time draws near to that moment when the skeleton needs a little bit of shaking, Twin’s will suit your inner desires for a great night.

Twin's Baixa Disco, Porto

Dance the night away in Twin’s Baixa, one of most trendy bars downtown Porto.


Twin’s Baixa works as a restaurant from Monday to Saturday. From Tuesday to Thursday the bar closes at 2am, but on weekends it goes all the way up at 4am.

Afterwards it’s time to choose another place to go before breakfast: Plano B, just few steps away; Tendinha dos Clérigos, also very close; or Pitch Club, onPassos Manuel Street, will carry you on to the crib. On the same street of Twin’s, Porto Tónico cocktail bar and The Gin House will provide uncanny liquefied memories of the city.

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