Travelling by taxi in Porto

Taxi na Ribeira, Porto

Travelling by taxi is one of the most comfortable ways to get around anywhere. We get that. But it’s also the expensive one! If you don’t mind travelling in public transportation while in Porto, you should rethink your options. Nevertheless, here are a few tips about Porto’s taxis.

How are the taxis like in Porto

Taxis in Porto are generally modern and comfortable. The typical recent car would be a nice Mercedes, with comfortable seats, air-conditioning, GPS, etc. But, of course, there are plenty of others that can be older and/or not as fancy. The cars can have two different colors: most of them will be light beige, but you can still find some blacks with a green rooftop. Besides the color, there are all the same, with no differences in quality of service type. They all have and run the meter, so you don’t need to negotiate the rate before you get in. There is a display in the taxi rooftop that indicates if the cab is free or taken: green light is free; 1, 2 or 3 (fare type indicator) is taken. Pretty simple!

Taxi Porto

The GPS and taximeter of a Porto taxi.


Where to get a taxi in Porto

You can get a taxi almost everywhere in the city by just raising your hand when one is passing by. In some of the busiest areas, like de airport, train stations, Aliados Avenue, etc you will find what we call “praça de táxis” (taxi stand). There, the taxis will be parked and you can just take the first one in line. If you need to get a taxi to pick you up on an exact location (let’s say your friends place or your rental apartment in Porto), you can call or online book one of the centrals, like Raditaxis or Táxis Invicta. If you are an Android or iPhone user, there are two Apps that may well do the trick for you. Try downloading GeoSensi Taxi or Taxi Link.

taxis porto

Black and green or light beige. Besides the color, there are all the same!


How much does a taxi costs in Porto

Taxis in Porto are not that cheap. In the minute you get inside the car you are already paying a 2,5 € fee. If you call them to pick you up, add 0,8 € plus the ride to your place. The rates are higher at night (21:00-6:00), holydays and weekends. There is no extra charge for carrying small bags (55x35x2m cm), wheelchairs or other means used by passengers with reduced mobility and children pushchairs. For carrying bigger types of luggage, the driver can charge you a 1,80 € fee per piece. All licensed taxis must have a well visible taximeter display showing the amount being charged; the rate will be rising while kilometers and time goes by. After payment, the passenger is entitled to ask for a receipt. Keep it in case you need to contact the taxi company (you my forget something in the car) or the file a complaint. For reference, here some estimated costs:
* Airport – Boavista = 15-20 €
* Airport – Downtown = 20-25 €
* Short ride in the city = 6-8€

Taxi Porto

An imported Mercedes taxi after crossing the bridge from Porto riverside.


Taking a taxi can be very comfortable and, sometimes, the only transport available. But be ready to spend some cash if choose to do it. Otherwise, se our tips for running the metro in Porto or how to ride the bus in Porto.


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