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Trendy Gin Bar Porto The Gin Club

The Gin House

If Gin is your drink, then, this is your place! A trendy bar where you can have a different gin and tonic everyday time you visit! In downtown Porto, this is one of those magical places!

Baixa Bar, Porto

Baixa Bar

Classy is the first word that will come to your mind when you walk through the doors of Baixa Bar, in downtown Porto. The second is “UAU!”

Casa de Ló, Porto

Casa de Ló

This cafe/bar in Cedofeita is the perfect mix between something old and something new. There’s a terrace on the back open all year round!

Museu d'Avó, Porto

Museu d’Avó

This is a trendy place located in Porto’s downtown. The granite walls, the tiles and the antiques hanging from the ceiling take you back in time.

Bugo Art Burgers, Porto

Bugo Art Burgers

Regardless of your choice, all the burgers are grilled perfectly, accompanied with exquisite ingredientes with an appealing dish presentation. Art in a shape of a burger!