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Twins Foz Disco, Porto

Twin’s Foz

Dance the night away at Porto’s most fashionable and classy disco. Twin’s Foz is the place for a night out with all the class and fun you need!

Industria Club, Porto

Industria Club

Industria Club is one of the older and best discos in Porto. Located on the seaside, in Foz., it’s a place for partying and dancing all night long.

Hard Club, Porto

Hard Club

Hard Club is a cultural hub in Porto, a few steps away from Ribeira. Concerts, films, exhibitions, literary meetings, you name it. All in a beautiful building dating back to 1885!

Gato Vadio Cafe Bar, Porto

Gato Vadio

Located in the Arts District in Porto, this coffee house is much more than that. It’s a bookstore, a cultural hub and a place where you can enjoy poetry readings or cosy concerts.

Labirintho Bar, Porto

Labirintho Bar

This alternative artsy bar is the place to go for a drink and a chat with friends. The decoration is quite captivating and the ambiance is cool and relaxed.

Champagne Bar Porto Champanheria Baixa

Champanheria da Baixa

This is the place for a classy yet relaxed glass of champagne or sparkling wine in the company of beautiful people and a taste of gourmet mini bites.

Trendy Gin Bar Porto The Gin Club

The Gin House

If Gin is your drink, then, this is your place! A trendy bar where you can have a different gin and tonic everyday time you visit! In downtown Porto, this is one of those magical places!